Let me welcome you home, my dear traveller friend, 

for it is time to come home now.

You have travelled long and hard -

at times so far from your truth, so far that you have felt lost, abandoned and fragmented,

at other times, you have travelled so close that you have held the beauty of your truth and nurtured it deeply.

I invite you dear traveller to rest now, to breathe out, to slow down.

I have written these courses to take you on little and or long journeys to help you find those deeper truths and answers that resides deep inside,

these courses will help you weed your souls garden of all the noxious weeds that life has "gifted you"

and help you reweave the basket in your heart that holds your deepest treasures,

finally they give you permission to pause, to stop and to deeply breathe out.

They provide you with gentle encouraging words to create a life of greater stillness and depth,

they open doors for personal growth and transformation,

taking you as far as you choose to go,

guiding you step by step and "holding your hand" as you navigate all that was,

to find all that is meant to be.

You will find that the exercises are quite simple and effortless.

It is in the simplicity that such profound healing and transformation occurs -

for example choosing to pause, stop, and with greater awareness you look out your window to observe the subtle changes in the shadows and light,

or consciously walking slower,

or creating a special sit spot in your home -

these simple examples offer so much more, and the positive ripples that occur in your heart, body and mind, continually creates a greater sense of well-being and inner peace.

All the courses are held over a cuppa or three and are held in such a nurturing space that at times you may feel as though nothing is occurring, and that dear traveller is when the greatest gifts unfold.

So I welcome you to Chat-Time-with-Sam, a space where you can fill your cuppa many times with warming teas, heart felt conversations and nurturing moments of deep healing and transformation.

Once you enrol, these courses become yours and in becoming yours they become a sacred treasure for you to delve into whenever you wish - like a well-loved-dog-eared-book. The more you "read them" the more magic, understanding and depth of wisdom comes out of them.

Well-Come to Chat Time my dear Traveller Friend,

...and well-come to the innate wisdom and sacred medicine that resides in each and everyone of us.

For further information about the healing work and sacred circles that I facilitate please feel free to browse my website


Until we meet in that timeless place where tea is poured and the depth of healing begins,

Blessed Be